Sabrina Strebel

Microinteractions: Not a secret, not a trend

- But important for great designs

Microinteractions play a large role in designing great products even if users can’t notice or see them all the time.

The mostly inconspicuous animations serve as feedback...

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Bye-bye Panter Party 2019

Clemens Maria Schuster

Die Panter Party liegt nun schon einen Monat zurück: Zeit für einen ausführlichen Rückblick mit Videos, Bildern und auch ein paar Erklärungen – als IT-Unternehmen investieren wir in Artificial Intelligence und Machine Learning. Mit der Panter Party...

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The Git fixup workflow

Alexis Reigel


The GitHub flow, or a similar Git strategy where the main work is done on feature branches which result in pull or merge requests, have become the standard way to work with Git and GitHub or GitLab (or Bitbucket even) for many developer...

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5 rules to Git better

Alexis Reigel

Git is one of the greatest developer tools available. But using Git in a wrong way can lead to a miserable life. The following 5 rules might help to preserve your developer happiness.

  1. Make commits as small as possible
  2. Write meaningful commit messages
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